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Weekly Office Hours
Monday: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

6315 S. Mason-Montgomery Road
Mason, OH 45040

(513) 398-4741

In today’s world Church can be experienced as not so Good News. As a matter of fact over the history of the Christian Church people have at times seen our actions as bad news.  This is not what Jesus had in mind.
Mason United Methodist Church has existed for over 150 years. We are a church which has taken risks to follow God’s vision and dreams. Even though we have this long history, Mason UM Church has a vision to be a vital church for today’s people, in our community, and across the world.

In Psalm 104, the Bible says, “(God), You send forth your Spirit...and renew the face of the earth.”

Our congregation is engaged in ministries of renewal with our neighbors. We intentionally cross the street to share Good news with all people. We understand church as people not an institution confined to a building.

We are a gathering of people who reach out with radical hospitality, nurture disciples to grow in their faith, and send people out into the world to be agents of transformation. We do it all as a result of our commitment to Jesus Christ and his call on our lives.

As our logo depicts, we want to be an outward force of energy through service in the name of Jesus, showering God’s love to all people.

Whether you are looking for a new church home, haven't been to church for a long time, or are not even sure about this "God stuff" in the first place, if that sounds like a compelling vision you could get passionate about, come and join us!

Church can be Good News again!